Strategist & Curator of Culture

I help companies succeed in the new economy.

I was fortunate to have been raised by two parents who also happened to be entrepreneurs.
After Harvard I joined a boutique management consultancy in Boston, specializing in go-to-market and product strategy. From there I led a team at Omnicom where we delivered novel experiences and impactful results to a portfolio of Fortune 100 clients. Later, I joined CAKE as employ #19, charting and navigating the path to over 150 employees and growth from <$5mm in ARR to over $25mm ARR in just under two years.
When Verizon called to help them commercialize their proprietary consumer data and activate it in the most ambitious way possible through the combination of AOL and Yahoo! I joined and led Enterprise Strategy for the West Coast, working with clients such as Toyota, eBay, Walmart and GM.

And then it was time, in 2016 I co-founded Origin Analytics where my partners and I built the most cutting-edge closed-loop attribution platform for digital marketing. In addition we developed customer enterprise solutions for a whole host of companies worldwide.